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Our home is very special to us, don’t you agree? We enjoy time there with friends and family, we eat, sleep, work and relax, with our treasured belongings and furniture all around us. But do you actually know how much your home insurance will cover you for, in the event of say a fire, a theft, vandalism, water damage or glass breakage?

To ensure that you have the appropriate home cover for your property in France, follow these top tips:-

1. Understand your policy. It’s vital you understand what is covered – and what isn’t. With our English speaking service, we will communicate clearly what is included – and deal with any claims as well.

2. Decide on the type of cover you are seeking. For example, are you seeking the equivalent of a “New for Old” cover which will pay for a new replacement or a more standard policy which will reimburse you depending upon the age of the item insured?

3. Excess. How much will you need to pay in the event of a claim?

4. Is accidental damage included? Some policies will not cover you for this, so it’s important to check.

5. Home emergencies. Consider whether you are looking for cover which will assist you in the event of an emergency.

6. Legal expense. This is useful in situations where you need to obtain legal advice, such as following a dispute with a neighbour.

Whatever the level of cover you decide upon, our dedicated team of English speaking advisers will help you through what can be a stressful situation including the management of any claim. Rest assured, we will be there for you; after all, your home is your most precious asset.

Based in Bordeaux, we are the only SwissLife agency in France to work with English speaking clients. We offer a wide range of Healthcare Insurance and General Insurance solutions backed by one of Europe’s leading Insurance providers.


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