Are you getting the best deal for your health insurance in France?

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Good health is important to us all – and when we have issues that affect our health, whether they are short or long-term, it’s vital that we are able to access the care and support that we need. If you’ve lived in France for a while, you will be aware that the French health system works differently to the UK, with the state only paying a proportion of health costs. If you’ve recently moved and presently have no health care cover in place, this is something which you should consider now to avoid potentially expensive medical bills in the future.

In life, there are arguably two things that matter most: health and money. So we would like to show you how we can help you find the best health insurance cover – often referred to as the “mutuelle” or “top-up” – which is appropriate to the needs of you and your family and potentially offers better value for money.

Many people do not realise that under French law, you can switch your insurance cover to another provider. If you would like to review your current health insurance policy we are able to help you – there are requirements to comply with (such as giving two months’ notice prior to the renewal date or within 20 days of receipt of the documents) but we can assist with the paperwork. Because we are an English-speaking agency based in Bordeaux, covering all parts of France, we can communicate with you easily and effectively.

If this is the case, please get in contact, let us know how much you are paying at present and we can provide you with a quotation and breakdown as to how SwissLife compares with your existing contract.

We are proud of the comprehensive cover that SwissLife provides – and with no broker to worry about, we can focus on getting the best deal for you.

Based in Bordeaux, we are the only SwissLife agency in France to work with English speaking clients. We offer a wide range of Healthcare Insurance and General Insurance solutions backed by one of Europe’s leading Insurance providers.


Contact: Peter Musto 05 56 28 94 64

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