Do I need insurance for my gite?

Gite Insurance

If you are planning to open a gite business in France you will need to arrange for the property to be properly insured. Public liability insurance (assurance responsabilité civile in French) is the minimum requirement and will protect you in the event of a claim for personal injury or property damage by a person renting and staying in your property.

It is compulsory in France for everyone to be covered by public liability insurance and it is normally a standard feature in home insurance policies; check with your insurer that this is the case. In most cases however, your policy will not cover you for accidental damage by your guests, which means you will need to decide whether to insure against this risk or alternatively take a security deposit or caution when the reservation is made.

To determine what other insurance you may need, it is recommended that you assess the potential types of risk, such as fire, theft, illness, accidents or even death. Once this task is completed you can then discuss with your insurer what cover you need. Premiums may be less expensive than you think so this is potentially a worthwhile investment of your time and money for the future.

There may be other risks depending on the facilities at your gite, such as a swimming pool. You must ensure that the pool conforms to the required French safety standards – or you run the possible risk of a 45,000€ fine. Even worse, as a result of possible negligence a person may experience injury or death.

Another important matter will concern the number of people occupying your gite. If it exceeds a certain number there may be additional insurance requirements; please discuss with us further so that we may advise you on your specific situation.
We understand that insurance may appear complex at times, which is why our friendly, bi-lingual English and French speaking team are here to help you, whatever help you need.

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