How Swiss Life Private Bank can help you and your family plan your future

Private Banking France
What is private banking? At Swiss Life, it’s about personal service above all. We will work with you to understand your financial position and help you plan for the future, carefully managing your assets and investments. In addition to our insurance products and services, Swiss Life Private Banking works similarly to that of a family office; helping you to assess your tax situation, protect and grow your savings and manage and review your investments – all in English.

One of the best tax-efficient ways of preparing for the future, both for you and your family, is with an Assurance Vie policy. It is like a Life Insurance Policy in the UK but with differences, and it also acts as a will. Crucially – and this is a key benefit – you have considerable flexibility with an Assurance Vie as you can cease premium payments, withdraw or add funds whenever you choose, withdraw all the funds or convert the capital into a life-time annuity. Funds are generally either shares or bonds.

The Assurance Vie funds are used to purchase investments – managed funds – which can be tracked and managed easily – allowing you to make changes depending on their performance. You have the option of safe to medium or high risk investments depending on your preference or you can choose to invest 100% capital guaranteed, which gives approximately 2-2.5% interest and is a popular choice.

When you die the underlying investments are sold and the proceeds are transferred to your named beneficiaries, there can be tax advantages so contact us for further information. Another advantage of the Assurance Vie is that you can change the names of the beneficiaries as often as you wish.

If you would like to find out more about how Swiss Life Private Banking can help you and your family plan your future finances, contact us and we shall be pleased to assist you. We operate for clients across France, so whether you live in Carcassonne or Calais, Brittany or the Cote d’Azur, Swiss Life is a solution to your financial and insurance services.

Based in Bordeaux, we are the only SwissLife agency in France to work with English speaking clients. We offer a wide range of Healthcare Insurance and General Insurance solutions backed by one of Europe’s leading Insurance providers.


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